FoamBlast is a retailer for upgrade parts and tools for modifying dart blasters. If you want your blaster to shoot faster, hit harder, and be all around more powerful on the battlefield, our parts are the way to go.

FoamBlast is made up of Michelle, the motor wizard, and Adrianna, the one who just likes to play. Also, sometimes Tim, who packs orders when we travel. We are based in Reno, NV, USA and often make the trek to the San Fransisco Bay Area to play with the folks there. We also travel to farther events whenever we get the opportunity.

Supporting the community is extremely important to us. We have sponsored

We also are reaching out to small clubs and organizations to acquire and distribute merchandise that would be difficult or impossible due to their size at cs.foamblastshop.com and will continue to support events that bring the community together and foster a positive atmosphere. Please contact adrianna@foamblastshop.com if you have an event or club you would like us to consider.

If you would like to learn more about modding, subscribe to our youtube channel for reviews, testing, and learning resources.

If you would like to keep up with new products and announcements, follow our facebook page

If you would like to play and need to find a group this helpful map may help point you in the direction of a club near you.

Happy modding!