Artifact Red Cage


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One of the original aftermarket flywheel cages for the Stryfe/Rapid Strike/ECS Cam.  It finds new relevance after years on the market with high crush wheels like the Bulldog, Worker, and Cyclones giving it 120-140 fps performance! This cage tends to be quieter than most plastic cages when used with well balanced flywheels.  Can be used with Instuanto wheels for low FPS games in the 110-120 fps range, or Blasterparts Wheels for 100 fps games.  Sold Individually.  Includes motor mounting screws.  Will fit wheels up to 36mm in outer diameter.

Blasters should be modified at your own risk by an adult or with adult supervision. Modification of blasters may increase wear and reduce lifespan of blaster. Always wear eye protection. Never point at someone’s face. By purchasing, you agree that FoamBlast is not responsible for injury or damage caused by misuse or accidental usage.

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Weight 2.3 oz
Dimensions 90 x 60 x 28 mm


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