Containment Crew Cyclone Flywheels


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We ran these flywheels in our blasters at Endwar and we loved them so much we had to carry them.  They are machined in the United States out of Acetal Plastic.  These are the highest precision flywheels we have seen and as you would expect they give you very quiet operation compared to less precisely manufactured flywheels.  They are higher crush than standard stock wheels, and work best on a 43mm “crush” cage with 130 motors, or 42mm “crush” cage with 130 or 180 motors.  On any setup other than stock spacing, you may experience issues firing hard tipped darts like FVJs, so please take that into consideration when planning your build.  Containment Crew has tested these wheels with a 43mm cage and got 145 average FPS!  They install and remove easily without excessive force necessary, and even with our incredibly torque heavy Fang motors the flywheels grip the motor shafts well and do not “walk off.”  The flywheel surface develops foam build up over time, so your FPS will improve slightly over the first 200-300 darts fired.  These wheels are intentionally heavy to aid with full auto use, so high torque motors are highly recommended.  With Fangs you will get near instant rev up time, and Meishel 2.0s will take a second or so to rev to max RPM.  Includes one set of flywheels (2 wheels).

  • Maximum supported crush: 42mm
  • Maximum supported RPM: 38k
  • Supported motor shaft: 2mm smooth shafts only (splined/knurled shafts not covered)

Blasters should be modified at your own risk by an adult or with adult supervision. Modification of blasters may increase wear and reduce lifespan of blaster. Always wear eye protection. Never point at someone’s face. By purchasing, you agree that FoamBlast is not responsible for injury or damage caused by misuse or accidental usage.

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Dimensions 70 × 35 × 15 mm