Drac’s Nyx Flywheel Cage and Wheel Set


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The Nyx cage is a aluminum, black hard coated, bead blasted, laser serialized cage with high concavity delrin wheels. The wheels and cage were machined in the USA with consistent feeding, accuracy, ease of installation, and performance in mind. The set achieves speeds just under 130fps, making it a great choice for HvZ games such as Endwar.  (NOTE: #0003 is our personal cage and will not be sold, we used it for illustration purposes only.)

Included threaded installation tools make aligning the wheels easy and perfect every time. Push the wheels all the way on, then a 1 1/4 turn of the tool will push them back up perfectly into place.

Alternate screwholes also allow for brushless compatibility.


  • Nyx aluminum flywheel cage
  • Pair of white delrin Howler wheels
  • x4 threaded installation tools (2 metal, 2 plastic)
  • Motor mounting screws

Lowest serial numbers will be sold first.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 80 × 75 × 25 mm