Flywheel MOSFET Motor-Spanning Board


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The MOSFET motor spanning board makes modding a flywheel blaster like the Stryfe as easy as possible! No need to replace your switch, and it makes soldering easier! We tried to kill this board by stalling a set of Fang Revamps and continuing to hold the switch open. The board only warmed up a few degrees by the time we had smoke spewing from the motors and we couldn’t breath.   This board should handle any 130 motors on the market.

The board features an optional XT-60U connection point PLUS standard solder terminals. This means you can choose to use an XT-60U or simply solder to the board directly.

-Designed by Out of Darts
-MOSFET rated for any motor pair we sell
-Simple connections, solder to motors directly, then to stock switch and battery
-For use in all elite flywheel blasters
-Compatible with all cages we sell
-Compatible with Jupiter (without XT-60U)
-Includes 3D printed spacers for between the motor and board.

-Includes XT-60U solder on connector for easier swapping of cages, wheels, etc.
-Dimensions: 55mm x 22mm x 3mm (without XT-60U)

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Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 4 mm


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