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The only foam High Impact Round ammunition sourced and tested by active members of our community, “Proton Rounds,” were designed with our hobby in mind.  They have a very consistent density from ball to ball so there should be less extra squishy/extra firm balls in each batch which leads to more predictable performance than the leading 3rd party brand.  They have a smooth “waxy” finish on the ball so they hold up to repeated uses better.  These balls were produced by FoamBlast for Out of Darts with testing assistance from Luke.  These work best in flywheel blasters and were optimized for excellent performance with the Jupiter and HIRricane.  While they will work in springers, they see less performance than genuine Rival rounds, just as with most aftermarket brands.  For Blasters like the Kronos, Artemis, or Hades, we recommend Genuine Hasbro HIRs.

Pack contains 100 rounds.

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Blue Beret, Ghost White, X-Strike Orange


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