Tooth and Nail (FoamBlast Exclusive Orange Color) – Aluminum Trigger, Sear, and Plunger for Caliburn


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From Drac, the creator of the Nyx cage, Tooth & Nail is a precision machined aluminum parts set for the Caliburn. Its a huge durability upgrade to the most fragile parts in the Caliburn system, the trigger, sear, and plunger. Sets are color anodized in FoamBlast’s exclusive Orange. Sold as a set. Includes 1x Plunger, 1x Sear, 1x Trigger, and hardware necessary for installation.  Fits all versions of the Caliburn.  Extremely limited quantities, may not be restocked once sold out.

Out of Darts will be selling Exclusive Blue Tooth and Nails, soon!

Additional information

Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 130 × 90 × 35 mm