Flywheel Blaster Re-wire Bundle


Most commonly used items for Flywheel re-wiring in a cost saving bundle.

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A bundle that includes almost everything you need to re-wire your flywheel blaster.  Just add switch of your choice and you’re good to go. 18 AWG wire which strikes a good compromise of ease of use, price, and capability.  18 AWG wire would be fine for basic 130 builds, but for higher current builds, 16 AWG is recommended.  18 AWG wire is easier to work with than 16 AWG when running through tight spaces due being thinner, so keep this in mind while planning your build.  Adrianna made an excellent video on how to use this kit to make a professional looking battery lead, give it a watch before doing your next build!

Bundle includes:

  • 1m of 16 AWG or 18 AWG Silicone wire in Red
  • 1m of  16 AWG or 18 AWG Silicone wire in Black
  • 6in of 4mm for 18 AWG or 5mm for 16 AWG Heatshrink Tubing in Black and Red
  • 6in of 10mm of Black Heatshrink Tubing or Mesh Expandable Tubing (select above) (for XT60 connector lead)
  • 1 inch of 15mm Heatshrink for covering gap between XT60 connector and battery lead sleeve
  • 1.5 Inch of 10mm Heatshrink for Battery lead
  • Male Black XT60 connector

Blasters should be modified at your own risk by an adult or with adult supervision. Modification of blasters may increase wear and reduce lifespan of blaster. Always wear eye protection. Never point at someone’s face. By purchasing, you agree that FoamBlast is not responsible for injury or damage caused by misuse or accidental usage.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 60 mm
Wire Gauge

16 AWG, 18 AWG

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