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Fangs Re-Vamped deliver all the bite of the originals in a smaller package. Now featuring sintered neodymium magnets for maximum efficiency and ball bearings for quieter operation and a longer life span, these 130 sized motors have enough power to clear high crush setups, even with full auto. Plus the smaller size means no more shell cutting and low current draw allows the use of much smaller batteries and no need for MOSFETs. They are intended for use on 2s, but if run on 3s, they are optimized for use in the Eclipse system (though not warrantied for use on 3s). These motors have demonstrated amazing performance, and now you can put them in your blaster! Motors sold individually. Please do not use these with IMRs or Trustfire/Ultrafire batteries. Motors sold individually. Limit of 20 motors per order.

Like Neo Hellcats, some cages might have alignment issues due to the ball bearing being taller than normal bushings.  Check with your cage manufacturer before purchasing.

Confused about what motors to buy? We made a quick primer on choosing motors, give it a watch before you plan your next build!


  • 37,000 RPM
  • Torque 500g cm Stall Torque
  • 28 A Stall Current
  • 2S LiPo battery recommended for normal operation
  • 130 Form Factor

Print on motors subject to change.
For larger orders and bulk pricing, please contact Michelle.

Blasters should be modified at your own risk by an adult or with adult supervision. Modification of blasters may increase wear and reduce lifespan of blaster. Always wear eye protection. Never point at someone’s face. By purchasing, you agree that FoamBlast is not responsible for injury or damage caused by misuse or accidental usage.

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Weight .85 oz
Dimensions 40 x 35 x 35 mm


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