Fast Style Wire Strippers


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We’ve had a set of these on our bench for almost a year.  We bought them as a joke, but slowly we’ve started using them over our professional strippers more and more often.  They work great at stripping wire quickly and on the first try, even in the middle of the wire.  They are on the smaller size, so they may not be comfortable in extra large hands.  We gave Drac a pair when we were in his workshop recently, and even with his hatred of uni-taskers we have converted him.  Sold individually.

  • Strips all wire we have tried including Silicone, Teflon, and PVC coated wire of multiple sizes
  • Includes measurements for estimating accurately how much wire you are stripping
  • Fast single action stripping method speeds up wiring jobs

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Weight 2.1 oz
Dimensions 140 × 70 × 10 mm