IMax B6AC Battery Charger (LiPo/LiFe/NiMh/PB/NiCd/LiIon)


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This is our current favorite charger on the market since the Accucell S60 was discontinued.  It will handle most of the charging needs for people in our hobby.  It charges 1-6s LiPo batteries, includes an adapter to charge in the field from any 11-18v source that you can clip to (like a car battery). It includes Balance, Fast Charge, Charge, Discharge, and Storage Charge/Discharge modes for LiPo.  We recommend ALWAYS using the Balance Charge mode right before your war (up to a few nights before), and Storage mode after the war (again within a few days) to help prolong the life of your battery. Includes AC cord for plugging to a wall outlet, Clip on connector for hooking to DC power sources, and connectors for charging some battery types (Deans, JST, Servo, and alligator clips).

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Weight 27 oz
Dimensions 220 × 160 × 57 mm

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