Nightowl Moonlight Micro Wheels


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These wheels are great for applications like Pigeon, Falcon, and other micro-wheel blasters (Not compatible with the Hurricane).  They come in a “pearlescent blue” color which looks awesome compared to most flywheels on the market.  We achieved 123 average FPS with Fang Revamped motors on 3S and half length darts out of a bare Pigeon Cage with Worker half length darts and 143 FPS with waffle darts.

Sold as a set of 2 wheels.


  • 19.55mm Outer Diameter
  • 16.25mm Inner Surface Diameter
  • ~5.2 gram per wheel

Blasters should be modified at your own risk by an adult or with adult supervision. Modification of blasters may increase wear and reduce lifespan of blaster. Always wear eye protection. Never point at someone’s face. By purchasing, you agree that FoamBlast is not responsible for injury or damage caused by misuse or accidental usage.


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Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 100 × 60 × 20 mm