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The new high crush worker wheels are machined from Polyoxymethylene also known as Acetal which is the same as “Delrin.”  They have good machining quality resulting in good balance.  They are not as finely machined as Containment Crew Wheels, but come close.  The serrations add extra grip for the dart under high crush applications, but they do add extra dart wear.  They offer higher velocities than most other wheels, but sacrifice dart wear, and noise.  We suggest using these in 43.5mm cages with Meishel 2.0 motors, and 42mm cages with Fang ReVamped motors. The will work in 41.5mm cages, but the crush is extreme and may result in damage to motors over time, or other complications.  These wheels are not compatible with all cages as they require a 37mm opening for the flywheel.  These wheels add 1mm crush over normal worker wheels.  Sold as a pair.

These wheels have a very tight shaft fit!  Make sure you brace the back of your motors as you press them on.


  • Weight:                   ~6 grams
  • Outer Diameter:      ~35.8mm
  • Inner Diameter:       ~34.8mm

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Weight 1.35 oz
Dimensions 105 × 65 × 35 mm