Worker Swift – High FPS Spring Powered Blaster


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This thing is awesome!  It’s sturdy, it’s so easy to mod, it’s hard to even call it modding.  It’s got a 6.5 inch prime length which makes the prime incredibly smooth and much lighter than other springers.  This blaster should be able to hit into the 200FPS range with the “medium” barrel and spring (included with the blaster and taped underneath the packing tray).  With the optional long boi barrel and heavy spring (both coming soon), it can clear 300FPS if you don’t mind a long barrel and heavy spring prime.  The red o-rings, alternate dart gate, and orange mag release are included with every blaster, so you have a ton of customization options right out of the box! Check out our overview video for more information (note: most of the issues we had with our early sample have been fixed by worker.  Use the red o-rings for a better seal!)

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Weight 83 oz
Dimensions 533 × 368.3 × 68.58 mm